Try Our New Driving Route Program

Introducing Our New Driving Route Tool

What could be more awesome for a sports car club than a point and click mapping program to draw, save and share driving routes?

Our new website app helps you create curvy back roads route to enjoy in your Miata. It’s much easier and less frustrating than attempting to modify routes suggested by Google Maps.  Once you’re done it’s saved on our site so you can share it with other club members.  
AND it can be downloaded to be used in a GPS or with a smart phone!

You create your driving route by clicking points on the map.  Each route can have a detailed route description along with images of the route.  

When you login to our site you will see two new menu options:   “NMC Routes List” in the top menu and “ My Routes “ in the menu below your name.

Go ahead and share your favorite Miata runs with our Club! 
Get started by selecting the “My Routes” option in the members drop-down menu.

(For step by step instructions read this).