Little Brewery Run 2023

Once again Dave and Cindy pulled together great roads and great beer!

It’s a tough job … but someone has to do it 😉
The club deeply appreciates the Little’s hard work
and dedication to our community.
(See the comments below)

But first, watch this 3 min video (with music),Keith Alfier made from our Brewery run on Saturday 9/30/23

Selected Comments From Forum Posts:

A big thank you to everyone that came out in the rain on Saturday.
It turned out to be a pretty nice top down kinda day.
I hope everyone enjoyed the roads and the beers.
The club community came together once again and brought some light into a cloudy day 🙂 -Dave Little

What a great day!!…damp start but top was down within 30 minutes of starting. Dave and Cindy had a really nice route selection…except for one unforseen detour due to downed wires, everything route wise was great!!…nice combination of twisty bits and all very smooth. the stops at Hop culture and Niantic Public house were very good brewery stops. and the Thai restaurant at the end was a nice switch from the usual burger/pizza…all around a nice afternoon of socializing and cruizin…thank you again Dave and Cindy for planning the route! – Joe Wall

Surprisingly great ride for a damp day!
Dave and Cindy, nice plan out of roads and thanks for doing it the day before to double check condition.  Breweries had nice October fest season brews, and Litchfield distillery bourbon.. if you chose that route like some of us did!
Karina thanks for the selection on food place at Spice club.  I think we all enjoyed each other’s company and had a good meal! – Lance Lazzera

What had great fun we had today. Weather was not to terrible and the roads were brilliant! – Keith Alfier