Use Routes Created With Our Website Driving Route Program In Your Phone or GPS

Download Driving Routes or Import Them Into Your Phone or GPS

 Many of our club members have created custom Miata driving routes by using the NMC route planning program.
See current list of routes – HERE

The tool bar above each map gives you 3 options to export the route so you can drive it with your Miata

The easiest option is to click the stack icon on the left. That creates a text list.  Then select, copy and paste it into an email or document that you can print out .  But as Keith Alfier states below this is less than ideal when you start to drive the route.

The next two icons give you a choice of downloading the map / route in a file format (KLM or GPX) that is used to create map routes in mobile phones and GPS units.

The issue is, how to import those files into your device?  I use a Garmin GPS. Garmin has an program that you can download to your computer that enables you to import an export map and route files from your Garmin GPS.  Other GPS manufacturers may also have similar offerings.

Keith Alfier has discovered a way to import the route files into his iphone as described below.  – Intro / edits by Peter Amato


The addition of NMC Routes to our web site has been most welcome in allowing our fellow club members to create and share routes using the point to point routes that are perfect for scenic and spirited drives. 

The current drawback is that in order to follow these routes one must print out the directions and/or write them down on paper to follow. It requires a navigator to read out the roads and turns as you drive and takes away from the pleasure of the passenger to enjoy the scenic drive. Since the driver will be concentrating on driving it would be most dangerous for them to read and drive.

I am aware of this as my wife, Joan, and I have driven a number of the excellent routes on the NMC routes list.

After much research for a turn by turn phone app to use with Apple Carplay (or directly on your phone) I have finally found an excellent app that you can download onto your iphone (I do not know if this app is available for Android phones or Android car play). The app, which is called ROADS, was created by Porsche (with no annoying ads) but can be used with any car.  Find it HERE

Below is a step by step process to add Roads to your phone and import the GPX file from the NMC roads list website.


Step 1. Add the ROADS app to your phone from the app store.



Step 2. Create an account and add your Miata (app has many makes and models available to add, not just Porsche).Note: ROADS does have the ability to show you local rides that have been shared by other users and also created by the app.


Step 3. Go to the NMC Routes list. Find a route you would like to add to the ROADS app and download the GPX file to your computer. Unfortunately I have not found a way to download the GPX file from my phone where the ROADS app is located.



Step 4. From your computer, email yourself the GPX file and then open it through your email on your phone. Save the GPX file to your phone.

Step 5. Open up the ROADS app on your phone and go to the Drive button on the app and hit on the + in the red box to the left as shown on the screen below that the red arrow is pointing to.

Step 6. After hitting the + in the red area as shown above you will see the screen below. Go to Import at the bottom of the page and import the GPX file you saved on your phone. You will find your new route in the ROADS app on your home page under ROUTES, as seen on the screen below to the right.















Step 7. That’s it, you’re done! Now you can go to the new route on the ROADS app (or launch the app on your Carplay as shown to the right of the image below), that you uploaded from the NMC Routes website and follow the turn by turn instructions. Note: there is no audio with your app running on either your app or Carplay.