How To Add Your Photos To Our Website


You can create your own photo galleries
OR Add photos to your forum posts

Create Your Personal Photo Gallery

  1. Use the MY GALLERY menu item in your dashboard pages .
  2. Create a gallery or add to your existing gallery.
  3. Use the form on that page to select and add photos from your computer, tablet or phone.
  4. Control who can view your gallery.

You Can Easily Add An Image To Your Forum Posts

When writing your post use the “insert/edit” link at the top of the editor window to upload the image you want to add.

Have some club activity or Miata pictures you’re really proud of ?

Your photos can also be featured in the club’s photo webpage.
Request that your photo be added to the club gallery by contacting the webmaster via a personal message from your dashboard or by using the website contact form.
( ALSO: If you have set your personal gallery privacy status to “logged in users” occasionally your photos may be added to the club gallery by the webmaster.)

Please avoid adding huge image files to the club website.  For more information see this article.