How to Add Your Event Details To The Website

Club Members that have volunteered to plan and manage a club event are assigned a website access level of event manager that allows them to edit and manage their event. 


(If the event has already been added to the events calendar before you begin to edit it contact the events coordinator to assign you as the “manager” of the event.)

  1. Click the EVENTS button on your dashboard menu.  This will open a new window where you will see several tabs including the “I Manage” tab and the “My Locations”  tab.
  2. If the event will be in a new location use the My Locations tab to add the location to the event locations list. If the event is a “run” then provide the meeting place information in the description instead of using the location function.
  3. Use the I Manage tab to open a window where you add or select the event and add information to the website’s description.  Select the location you just added, enter the day and the time of the event and add the details.
  4. It is important to assign the event to the correct category, this will add the correct event icon for the event listing ( the event icon will be used for the event image).
  5. The Bookings / Registration  system is the way the website allows members to RSVP.  Click   Enable Registration , this opens a window which allows you to EDIT the standard (free)ticket to adjust the number of spaces available ( the default is 10).  Also set the spaces per booking which for events that involve driving is usually a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2.
    • For runs etc: If the club member/ driver is bringing a passenger they should choose to reserve two spaces.  This will provide you with a total head count.  But, if you are limiting the number of cars you must monitor the signups and close out signing up when the number of drivers is reached not the total number of spaces: ie.  Your run is restricted to 10 cars.  Set the number of tickets / space to 20. When 10 members have signed up close the reservations .)
    • If your event involves a pre-paid fee provide that information in the description and use the standard ticket.
  6. Click the SUBMIT or UPDATE EVENT button before closing the page.
  7. MANAGE RSVPS: You will receive notices when members RSVP.

When you have the details set, contact the events coordinator or webmaster for information about how to  add an event notice to the scrolling news boxes.  You may also want to add the event to the forums so that members can discuss it.