June 14 – Sun Rise Coast Run

June 14 – Sun Rise Coast Run

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9:30 am - 3:30 pm

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Stop and Shop East Haven, CT
370 Hemingway Ave, East Haven, CT
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What we have all been waiting for…A NEW Club Event!!



Michael Z has stepped up and planned a new ride to replace the original Sunday June 14  Wine and Dine ride that had to be cancelled due to the Corona Virus restrictions.  I would like to thank Mike Z for planning the ride…  it’s a new route for the club and covers an area the we seldom venture into! 😎 

There are a few details still to be worked out and the social distancing regulations have created some issues regarding attending the post ride luncheon (see below).  The run will will start in East Haven

Stop and Shop parking lot –  370 Hemingway Ave,  East Haven,  CT

Gathering time is 9:30 at the start point…then first car out will be at 10…which will put us to the endpoint sometime between 1:30 and 2pm for a well deserved beverage and food…

And will end Portland…. 

Restaurants that have outdoor seating that are willing to take a group…properly distanced, masked, etc., etc.…are hard to come by…but we nailed one down.
WE HAVE A 26 PERSON LIMIT AT THE RESTAURANT  and must provide a firm headcount.  If you do the restaurant, you have to order food/beverage.  No hanging out for a beverage and then leaving..this is STATE EXECUTIVE ORDER…not the restaurant. And as usual, we will have separate checks.  So if you are planning to commit to going to lunch sign up accordingly below.

Anyone in our group that wishes to do the ride but not the restaurant, that is OK…just choose the ride only option. This way that we can allow more cars to do the ride once we have reached the limit for the restaurant. 

Check the Forum for updated information, like the actual gathering/start time as we go forward…or post a comment…


PS. Don’t ask for the endpoint…we aren’t telling!!


NOTE: When you sign up below choose Ride and Lunch if you will be joining the club for lunch after the ride. This option has a limit of 26 spaces.

If you plan to only participate in the run or if the luncheon option is full and you still want to go on the club ride choose Ride Only 

Choose two spaces if you and your copilot will be attending the event.  

And after you sign up , if you see an error message about emails disregard it .  We got your reservation(s) and are working on resolving the email issue.

As of 10pm JUNE 8th we have reached the maximum number of reservations for the luncheon.

However, club members are still encouraged to sign up for the run itself!

Michael’s run covers an area we seldom visit and includes some unique activities such as a series of questions to answer based on your observations along the route. So join in the fun and look forward to the day we can return to more normal club event planning.

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