Drive To Park(s) Challenge

Drive To Park(s) Challenge

NMC Challenge


04/19/2024 - 11/15/2024    
All Day

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The theme for this ALL SEASON LONG event is:

This event is different than our other club events.

  • It’s completely self directed.
  • You have all season long to participate .
  • Ride off on your own or invite other club members to join in.

Connecticut is blessed with an abundance of State Parks (164?).   And there’s plenty of twisty scenic roads to take you from one park to the next. You are asked to drive to any of  the CT state parks of your choosing. Then take a picture of you and your Miata with the park sign or a landmark easily associated with the park you are visiting.

  • Participate to win fabulous 😉 prizes!
  • It’s about driving our fun cars to new locations and exploring the area.
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY, it’s about sharing your experience with the club.

More Info and Rules    See The Challenge Photo Gallery    Enter Your Photo(s)

Do I have to sign up to participate?    NO & YES

  • It’s self directed so signing up below isn’t required.
  • By signing up you let the other club members know you’re participating… so it’s easier for them to invite you along for an adventure!

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