13th Annual POKER RUN + mini-monthly meeting

13th Annual POKER RUN + mini-monthly meeting

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9:45 am - 3:00 pm

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Woodbury Pizza – Parking Lot
689 Main Street, Woodbury, CT, 06798
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13th Annual POKER RUN + mini-monthly meeting – 


Woodbury Pizza parking lot
689 Main St
Woodbury, CT 06798
Very conveniently located on Rt 6 where it meets Rt 64
OK folks…this little get together is only a few weeks away… I will be out working on this ride a lot over the next couple weeks
Some background… this is the ONLY self paced ride we do every year… this is Poker Run XIII… yup, been doing it a while.
This thing works like this…you are given a start point.  Show up with two people in the car, a pen or pencil (old school!!)..clipboard comes in handy…and a willingness to go out for a day of fun and games.  You will be given a set of Route instructions…turn by turn..NO MILEAGES!!!  Can you read and follow directions?  Are you smarter than a 5th grader?  Along the way there will be questions to answer.  This is more to keep the navigator entertained than the driver, because he/she will be busy.  These little rides have a tendency to find some of the more obscure back roads in the state, but don’t worry…NO DIRT ROADS!!  As you go along in the instructions, you will find something that says…TAKE A CARD…so before you do the next instruction you will be looking for a sign on the right side of the road.  Then you stop, safely, and on the sign there will be a ziploc bag.  in the bag will be sealed envelopes with a playing card.  There will be 6 on the route and you will get one at the beginning.  End of the ride the person with the best poker hand gets the cheezy trophy.  Simple?…well…that remains to be seen.  At the end we will go over the questions.  anything you see along the route is fair game for a question, and some will be in the form of a riddle.
Any questions?…if you sign up…PLEASE SHOW UP!!!  this is critical.  I have to know EXACTLY how many cars are coming because I go out the day before to place the signs, and I only put enough cards in the bags for the number of cars.  so cutoff for this event is…FRIDAY AUGUST 14 AT 8pm
This is a rain or shine activity…trust me… your Miata will not melt or the color wash off if it gets wet, and we have seen some wet ones in the past.
Stay tuned for further info as the date nears
Last year this ride was on the east side of I-91…so this year it will be on the west side of I-91.
Start point?…not a clue… yet…end point?…will only be revealed in the instructions
Follow along for updates in the Club Forum…and post comments and questions


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