Edit / Download Member List

BE CAREFUL! The WP SHEET EDITOR plugin is a powerful tool.  Our primary use is to export membership lists with selected data fields.  BUT it is a LIVE DATABASE EDITOR, meaning that it can be used to change any part of our membership database individually or in bulk.  With this tool it is possible to alter or delete membership information permanently and likely cause our website to crash.

If  you are not confident that you know what to do after reading these instructions STOP and contact the webmaster before proceeding.


This is a simple process that creates a comma separated values (.csv) file that you download and open with excel.  It requires access to the back end of our website. Contact the webmaster if you have a problem.

  1. Log into the administrative / back end section of the website.
  2. Open WP SHEET EDITOR  from the LH menu at: Users / Bulk Editor or WP Sheet Editor /  Edit Users .
  3. Select Export.
  4. Export window opens.
  5. Select active columns and start new export.
  6. Save exported .csv file and open it with excel .


  1. Select Settings /  Hide Display Sort Columns.
  2. Use the columns manager to select the columns of data that you want to export.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the window and apply your new column export settings.
  4. Follow steps 3-6 above.