DRIVE TO PARK(s) – NMC Zoooom CT Challenge 2024


The theme for this ALL SEASON LONG event is:

Connecticut is blessed with an abundance of State Parks.   And there’s plenty of twisty scenic roads to take you from one park to the next. Participating in this challenge is a fun way to see parts of the state you may not have thought of going to. 

This event is different than our other club events.

  • It’s completely self directed.
  • You have all season long to participate .
  • Ride off on your own or invite other club members to join in.

You are asked to drive to any of  the CT state parks of your choosing.  There are 102!    See the interactive map .  Then take a picture of you and your Miata with the park sign or a landmark easily associated with the park you are visiting.

So go ahead and strike out on your own or with a copilot.   Even better, post your plans to DRIVE TO PARK in the random events forum and invite other members of our club to go with you. Whichever way you choose, you’ll get to drive your Miata through some pretty spectacular places.

  1. Participants must drive  their Miata to the CT State Park* (State forests don’t count) during April to November 2024.
  2. Take a picture that shows that you and your Miata visited the park.
  3. Add your photo(s) to the 2024 NMC Challenge Photo Gallery
  4. In the challenge event forum, post the date you visited the park, your current tally of parks visited and any comments, route suggestions or whatever else you want to share with the club about your adventure. (More sharing may win you a prize!)

*NMC Members that do not live in Connecticut can include State Parks from their home state.

Prizes will be awarded to participants at our holiday party. In addition to an award for the most parks visited, additional prizes include: 4 corners, best sharing of park adventures and perhaps more TBA.

So get out and drive your Miata around our beautiful state!  Snap a selfie and also take time to explore the park. When you get there have a picnic, take a hike or a nap. 😉

The challenge is not just about checking off the highest number of parks and winning a fabulous prize, but also about driving our fun cars to new locations and getting a chance to explore the area.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, it’s about sharing your experience with the club… Post your pictures, comment in the forums about the interesting roads you drove, fun things you did or great places you stopped to eat, so others can check them out.

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Click the tent icons for park name and address.  Click bracket icon in top RH corner to open a full page map in a new window.



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