Event Release Form

Event managers must download and print this PDF of the NMC Event Release Form and bring it to the event.  On the day of the event it is the event manager's responsibility to make sure that every participant signs the form before the beginning of the NMC…

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Club Dues Payment

DUES PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS Your $30.00 yearly membership membership dues must be paid by April 30th. NOTE: Yearly membership dues are $30.00. But, a membership application submitted in the months of September, October, November pays a partial year dues of $15.00 (The following year, $30.00 is due in…

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By-laws of Nutmeg Miata Club, Inc.

Article I NAME The name of this organization shall be Nutmeg Miata Club, Inc. The principal office shall be located at the residence of the incumbent President of Nutmeg Miata Club, Inc. Article II PURPOSE Nutmeg Miata Club, Inc. is a non-profit social club formed for the…

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