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Event full?… Get on the Waitlist!

If the event you’re interested in is full, you can sign up on the wait list. Some of our club events have limits of 20 or 30 participants.   Most often this because the location we are stopping at can only serve a limited amount of people at the same time. Event waiting lists, a […]

Website Update 2024

It’s taken longer than I planned …. After too may days of the members part of our website being off line I have finally completed a major update of the programs that run the membership part of our site. In short this update wreaked havoc throughout our site. A major update to the program that […]

Edit / Download Member List

BE CAREFUL! The WP SHEET EDITOR plugin is a powerful tool.  Our primary use is to export membership lists with selected data fields.  BUT it is a LIVE DATABASE EDITOR, meaning that it can be used to change any part of our membership database individually or in bulk.  With this tool it is possible to […]