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Do you enjoy our club’s events? If so you are invited to share your thoughts and experiences about a Nutmeg Miata Club event with the rest of the the club. And now it couldn’t be easier… Use the easy-peasy new web form. NEW FEATURE: ADD ARTICLE FROM MEMBER DASHBOARDOur website makes it incredibly easy for […]

Upcoming Events

Check out the events page for the events that we currently have planned for 2024.   Some of the events may have a limit on the number available spaces.  So sign up as soon as you can commit to participating.   Check our events pages often as new events may be added and the dates and […]

Website Update 2024

It’s taken longer than I planned …. After too may days of the members part of our website being off line I have finally completed a major update of the programs that run the membership part of our site. In short this update wreaked havoc throughout our site. A major update to the program that […]


26 NMC members were part of the over 200 Miatas that participated in LRP’s First MiataCon on 11/28/23 And one of the weekend highlightswas our club’s Auto-Cross pro Robert Meaney Taking 1st PlaceIn Friday’s Auto-Cross Some of our members comments and pictures of the two day event are posted below … But first watch this […]

Little Brewery Run 2023

Once again Dave and Cindy pulled together great roads and great beer! It’s a tough job … but someone has to do it 😉The club deeply appreciates the Little’s hard work and dedication to our community. (See the comments below) But first, watch this 3 min video (with music),Keith Alfier made from our Brewery run […]

NMC Auto X 2023

What a great day at Lime Rock!  Whether you were a spectator or participant, so much fun was had by all!Thanks to everyone who made this wonderful event so enjoyable. Here’s a short video of some of the afternoon’s “Fun Runs”: It’s an added bonus that Lime Rock Park is situated in an extremely beautiful […]

Wine and Dine 2023

The 2023 Wine and Dine ride organized by Dan and Sandy was held on June 24th.  Cloudy skies and occasion raindrops defiantly did not dampen our spirits or cloud our enthusiasm as we wound our way thought the green countryside and sampled wine at two vineyards.  Watch Keith Alfier’s Video:

2023 tech day

Amazing 25th Annual Spring Tech Day Thank you to Scott and Rita, and congratulations on an amazing 25th tech day hosted!!! And it was a great one. Lots of work got done on many cars, some small jobs and some big jobs. And our thanks goes out to Jeff the dent magician who worked on […]

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Privacy Policy Who we are This website is the property of Nutmeg Miata Club Inc. It purpose is to provide information about the Nutmeg Miata Club to the residents of Connecticut. The site uses a WordPress and a variety of related software programs to operate the site. Each program may require and store user data. […]

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Terms and Conditions 1. Introduction These Terms and conditions apply to this website and to the transactions related to our products and services. You may be bound by additional contracts related to your relationship with us or any products or services that you receive from us. If any provisions of the additional contracts conflict with any provisions […]