12th Annual Wine and Dine Report

Thank you, Dan and Sandy for hosting an amazing day. There was a lot of down shifting and up shifting around twisting roads. Perfect!

Twenty adventurous Miata drivers gathered on a rainy Saturday at New Guida’s Diary for the twelfth Wine & Dine. The skies decided to open about ten minutes before we started the drive. It did not dampen anyone’s spirits though. Like children tracking Santa for their presents on Christmas Eve, we kept checking weather maps hoping the rain would stop and we could drop our tops.

Our first stop was Paradise Hills in Wallingford. I grew up in and around Wallingford. I thought I knew every windy road there is in my small town. I was pleasantly surprised to drive a few new ones. My co-pilot Lisa supplied the photos.

I told her the importance of the walkie talkies and how they kept the group together. I will swear on my deathbed a walkie talkie voice spoke to us and told us to turn left when the sign said to turn right! Only one car followed us and we all quickly rerouted.

The vineyard was beautiful. The staff very friendly. I am not a huge wine drinker, but I did enjoy the few sips I tasted. We had enough time to chat with other members without feeling rushed.

The skies cleared a bit as we headed out for our next stop. There were a couple of main roads on this part of the route. We managed them well. Tops were raised and lowered a few times to accommodate the rain. We passed some beautiful country farms including White Flower Farm. Most people were kind enough to accept our waves and let us pass through a stop sign or red light. We had a few interlopers, but what can you do?

We arrived at Sunset Meadow, another beautiful vineyard. Bigger than Paradise Hills and more conducive to mingling. Again, I cannot speak for the wine, but they had a more robust snack choice. We had blue skies our entire stay at Sunset Meadow.

We left for Bohemian Pizza and Tacos. A fun little restaurant with traditional pub food and interesting bathrooms.
Many of us finished out the day at one of two ice cream parlors. I cannot remember their names or which one I chose, but my mint chocolate chip shake was delicious!

This is my first year with the club. I had no idea how much fun these runs could be. I look forward to more runs in the future.
Thanks again, Dan and Sandy! I cannot image the hours it took you to map this route.

P.S. I received a text from my co-pilot yesterday. She is very upset she has to stop at stop signs.

Article By: Vicky Abate Photos by : Lisa