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Welcome To The Nutmeg Miata Club!

The Nutmeg Miata Club was formed in 1991 by Miata enthusiasts like you.  Our club has over 100 members, many with multiple Miatas, who all share a common interest – one of the best roadsters ever made.  Here in New England, we have some of the best roads for Miata cruising.  Why not join us on our next drive!

Learn At THe Nutmeg Miata Tech Days

Share & Learn At Our Tech Days

We gather three or more times a year at Tech Sessions.
These Tech Sessions are one of the most important events to our club membership. Members get help in activities from oil changes to motor changes.
This one events is worth many times the membership dues.

Join Our Nutmeg Miata Club Drives

Come Drive
With Us

Auto Cross at Lime Rock,  taking a run through the twisty back roads, or a day trip to a Vermont winery… We like to drive.  
Exploring Connecticut and New England with the top down in a group of Miatas zooming down the road is a blast. 
Testing your skills on the track at Lime Rock is an experience you won’t forget.
Meet Nutmeg Miata Club Members

Make New

Sometimes our weekend drives include a stop for food, be it a  hot dog, ice cream or a nice restaurant.
Our club meets monthly on the second week of the month, to discuss club business and have an enjoyable time with friends.  Why don’t you come to one of our meetings or outings to see what we are all about?

There's nothing like a drive in the country....
with 15 Miatas


  • Drive To Park(s) Challenge
    • Date: Friday, April 19, 2024
    • Location:
      • ,
  • Zooming Mountains East Tennessee
    • Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2024
    • Location:
      • ,
  • 2nd Ice Cream Social/Monthly Meeting
    • Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024
    • Location: Kriz Farm Ice Cream
      • 13 Bear Hill Road, Bethany
  • Pups and Pints Car Show 2024
    • Date: Sunday, June 16, 2024
    • Location:
      • ,
  • WINE and DINE Run
    • Date: Saturday, June 22, 2024
    • Location: Stop and Shop Plaza
      • 99 Linwood ave, Colchester
  • Sun
    04/19/2024 - 11/15/2024    
    All Day
    NMC Zoooom CT CHALLENGE 2024 The theme for this ALL SEASON LONG event is: DRIVE TO PARK(s) This event is different than our other club...
    Memorial Day Classic Weekend at Lime Rock Park  Not a Nutmeg Miata Event More Information 
    05/29/2024 - 06/02/2024    
    12:00 am
    Not a NMC event but worth noting. Details to follow
    The second Ice Cream Social and June's Monthly Meeting will be held at Kriz Farm Ice Cream in Bethany.    * IMPORTANT NOTE- The driveway...
    Pups and Pints Car Show 2024
    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
    Last year's event was a huge success, with over 100 cars and dogs everywhere! Looking forward to a even larger turnout this year so don't...
    20 Car limit. Welcome to the “Lucky #13” Wine and Dine Run! We will be on the east side of the state this year. Meeting...
    15 Car limit. For those folks...NOT GOING ON SATURDAY... to do the route without the wineries. Meeting at the Stop and Shop plaza, 99 Linwood...
    Destination Vineyard
    10:30 am - 3:00 pm
    Welcome to Destination Vineyard! Saturday July 6th. Meet at Ocean State Job Lot, 331 West St, Litchfield. Please be there by 10:30 am. Drivers meeting...
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    What are our members saying?

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    Hector Aldo
    Member for Six Years
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    Silvia Cruz
    Founding Member

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    “If a Miata isn’t the answer… You’re asking the wrong question.”

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